the black mamba

Posted May 18, 2009 by shivshinh
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My masterpiece…for now.

I recommend the HD version.

If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On.

Posted January 9, 2008 by shivshinh
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I’m trying my hand at DJing and have finally recorded my 1st song. I always wanted to mash up Punjabi with Trance music and see how it sounded. Now that I’ve finally done it, let me know what you think! The song is called Punjabi Symphony.

Red Bull Ad Campaign

Posted October 29, 2007 by shivshinh
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This is a video that my group members and I made for a marketing course at the University of Washington. We needed to find a product that was losing market share and that could be repositioned to gain back that percentage to become the market leader again.

At that time (2004-ish) the energy drink market was in a boom and with the emergence of numerous energy drink companies, Red Bull had to try and retain their customer loyalty and had to reposition itself in order to meet demand and survive competition. In other words, how would Red Bull gain the loyalty of new customers as well as prevent its current customers from “outgrowing” the product?

Initially, Red Bull’s consumer base was the echo boom generation who were then turning into young professional adults. They still had to target the new 16-18 year olds to secure their confidence in the effectiveness and appeal of the brand. We decided to reposition Red Bull as a replacement to morning coffee. The majority of Red Bull consumers consume the drink at night, usually as a mixer with alcohol. However, this was not the initial intent of the use of the drink, but nevertheless had helped Red Bull’s sales skyrocket and had helped them gain popularity. By repositioning it to include morning consumption the company could change its image and cater to the more professional crowd while increasing market share. This move could potentially make them a pioneer (again) in creating an effective alternative to messy, time consuming morning hot coffee.

Imagine That!

Posted October 10, 2007 by shivshinh
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There are times in your life when you are given the opportunity to experience something totally different. Sometimes these situations are so exhilarating that they give you the illusion of having special powers- powers that make you feel God-like. Since the beginning of time man has dreamed of flying. However, our inability to fly as an individual being has fostered our dreams into comic books. Through these comic books we live vicariously through flying God-like beings like Superman.

Imagine if you were given the opportunity to fly. Imagine, if for a few seconds you could be Superman- if you could be God-like.

Imagine That!

I made this video back in 2005 when a bunch of friends and I took a trip down to San Francisco.

Identity Theory

Posted October 5, 2007 by shivshinh
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I never really thought about how vulnerable one’s identity is on the internet. I’m not talking about identity theft or any such security issues. I don’t have a background in tech, so all these hacker/security issues are way beyond my understanding. I’m talking from a layman’s perspective and how one can easily access self-voluntary info provided by the “stalkee” themselves.

So a few nights ago I was chillin with a friend and he was trying to find some info on one his old colleagues. He doesn’t really know that person on a personal level, but after a few clicks on the internet, he was given a quick “executive summary” on that person’s life. We found that person on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and found a blog. That’s enough personal info to be researching on someone to almost make you a “stalker”.

Facebook : Gives an insight into what’s currently going on in someone life. Give access to their friends, pictures, dob, phone numbers, email, interests, drunken night photos tagged by someone in their entourage, favorite movies, music, etc.

LinkedIn : Gives you an insight on their professional life.

Blog : Gives in insight into their mind/ beliefs and interests.

Twitter : Show you what they’re doing right now.

Combine all this info and you have successfully hacked into someone’s life without them consciously knowing about it. You can basically track their every move. Now I have a lot of random acquaintances who I have added in these social networks and now am thinking that maybe I don’t want them to be such a huge part of my life.

But I guess that’s the catch 22 with the whole social network/ the internet is connecting lives, issue.

Social Marketing

Posted October 2, 2007 by shivshinh
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I’m not surprised that my first blog entry is related to marketing since that is my profession. I love watching tv ads and admire the creativity behind them. A good ad = potential customer =$$$. But marketing isn’t always about making money and luring in the customer. It’s about creating awareness, and thats where social marketing comes to play.

Social marketing is something that i have always found interesting and maybe one day i would like to do something along this line. The beauty of it is that the intent of the marketing effort is to change someones “behavior pattern”. It allows someone to make a voluntary decision to either accept or abandon a particular behavior or norm. Nothing is thrust upon them. It’s not about selling a product or making money- there is actually a humanitarian side to it- which makes it pretty darn interesting. The highlight/tagline is always about promoting an “idea”…and as V for Vendetta(cool movie) quotes, “Ideas are Bulletproof”.

I came across this video and i think it totally nailed the concept down. I consider myself a visual person and easily impressed by a good presentation. The combination of the right music, visuals and message can convince any sane person to at least think about the message- be it for a minute or a life changing though.

This video has the right mix of music, action and drama to bring out the “wow” factor in the ad. 10/10 from my side.

Hello World!

Posted August 29, 2007 by shivshinh
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I finally decided to get on the blogging bandwagon and give it a shot. Who knows, one day this might just be the next big information portal on “complete randomness”. I read a few blogs here and there but get sick of them quite soon as most of them are dedicated to a single theme, be it technology, business or news, etc.

Think of this blog as a news feed to the right hemisphere( suppose to compromise thoughts of aesthetics, feelings, creativity, intuition and randomness) of my brain. Society “teaches” one to basically hone in on left brain functions which consists of logical, analytical and rational thinking. I say – to hell with that – at least for now!

So stop by once once in a while. Take a break from reality, or get a different perspective on reality and let me know if you have any good ideas that you would like me to exploit.