Identity Theory

I never really thought about how vulnerable one’s identity is on the internet. I’m not talking about identity theft or any such security issues. I don’t have a background in tech, so all these hacker/security issues are way beyond my understanding. I’m talking from a layman’s perspective and how one can easily access self-voluntary info provided by the “stalkee” themselves.

So a few nights ago I was chillin with a friend and he was trying to find some info on one his old colleagues. He doesn’t really know that person on a personal level, but after a few clicks on the internet, he was given a quick “executive summary” on that person’s life. We found that person on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and found a blog. That’s enough personal info to be researching on someone to almost make you a “stalker”.

Facebook : Gives an insight into what’s currently going on in someone life. Give access to their friends, pictures, dob, phone numbers, email, interests, drunken night photos tagged by someone in their entourage, favorite movies, music, etc.

LinkedIn : Gives you an insight on their professional life.

Blog : Gives in insight into their mind/ beliefs and interests.

Twitter : Show you what they’re doing right now.

Combine all this info and you have successfully hacked into someone’s life without them consciously knowing about it. You can basically track their every move. Now I have a lot of random acquaintances who I have added in these social networks and now am thinking that maybe I don’t want them to be such a huge part of my life.

But I guess that’s the catch 22 with the whole social network/ the internet is connecting lives, issue.

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One Comment on “Identity Theory”

  1. Ady Says:

    This is really an awareness problem. When people post information about them on the net, they should realize that everyone will be able to get to it at some point or the other – your family, friends and your employer (current and future).

    It was reported about a year ago that corporations are now hiring companies which compile your online profile for review. There are also free online online tools which can compile reports on online identities, try Maltego at

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