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Social Marketing

October 2, 2007

I’m not surprised that my first blog entry is related to marketing since that is my profession. I love watching tv ads and admire the creativity behind them. A good ad = potential customer =$$$. But marketing isn’t always about making money and luring in the customer. It’s about creating awareness, and thats where social marketing comes to play.

Social marketing is something that i have always found interesting and maybe one day i would like to do something along this line. The beauty of it is that the intent of the marketing effort is to change someones “behavior pattern”. It allows someone to make a voluntary decision to either accept or abandon a particular behavior or norm. Nothing is thrust upon them. It’s not about selling a product or making money- there is actually a humanitarian side to it- which makes it pretty darn interesting. The highlight/tagline is always about promoting an “idea”…and as V for Vendetta(cool movie) quotes, “Ideas are Bulletproof”.

I came across this video and i think it totally nailed the concept down. I consider myself a visual person and easily impressed by a good presentation. The combination of the right music, visuals and message can convince any sane person to at least think about the message- be it for a minute or a life changing though.

This video has the right mix of music, action and drama to bring out the “wow” factor in the ad. 10/10 from my side.