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the black mamba

May 18, 2009

My masterpiece…for now.

I recommend the HD version.


Red Bull Ad Campaign

October 29, 2007

This is a video that my group members and I made for a marketing course at the University of Washington. We needed to find a product that was losing market share and that could be repositioned to gain back that percentage to become the market leader again.

At that time (2004-ish) the energy drink market was in a boom and with the emergence of numerous energy drink companies, Red Bull had to try and retain their customer loyalty and had to reposition itself in order to meet demand and survive competition. In other words, how would Red Bull gain the loyalty of new customers as well as prevent its current customers from “outgrowing” the product?

Initially, Red Bull’s consumer base was the echo boom generation who were then turning into young professional adults. They still had to target the new 16-18 year olds to secure their confidence in the effectiveness and appeal of the brand. We decided to reposition Red Bull as a replacement to morning coffee. The majority of Red Bull consumers consume the drink at night, usually as a mixer with alcohol. However, this was not the initial intent of the use of the drink, but nevertheless had helped Red Bull’s sales skyrocket and had helped them gain popularity. By repositioning it to include morning consumption the company could change its image and cater to the more professional crowd while increasing market share. This move could potentially make them a pioneer (again) in creating an effective alternative to messy, time consuming morning hot coffee.

Imagine That!

October 10, 2007

There are times in your life when you are given the opportunity to experience something totally different. Sometimes these situations are so exhilarating that they give you the illusion of having special powers- powers that make you feel God-like. Since the beginning of time man has dreamed of flying. However, our inability to fly as an individual being has fostered our dreams into comic books. Through these comic books we live vicariously through flying God-like beings like Superman.

Imagine if you were given the opportunity to fly. Imagine, if for a few seconds you could be Superman- if you could be God-like.

Imagine That!

I made this video back in 2005 when a bunch of friends and I took a trip down to San Francisco.